Skye I by Tim Hall
Skye I by Tim Hall

Skye I by Tim Hall

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Skye I, 75cm x 100cm C-Type print, edition of 5. 100cm x 130cmC-Type print, edition of 5. 125cm x 170cm, edition of 3.

This piece can work well in a dark and light environment, as each of these will bring out either the darkness, or the lighter aspects of the piece.

Here Hall makes fantastic use of light, with the ambient glow drifting through the thick fog and clouds, while moonlight is so crisply and clearly reflected in the waves. Altogether this is a daunting and captivating image that feels intensley dark while still making effective and efficient use of light.


About the Artist:

Tim Hall is a British Fine Art Photographer, who specialises in travel, landscape and portraiture. His drive to see the world through the lens of a camera was inspired by the romance of 19th century travellers and more recently, national geographic photographers. The work is a lyrical response to the people and places that he has visited and shows his deep interest in the urban and natural world as well as the people who inhabit them.

The influence of painting in his work stems from his studies of Art History at Manchester University. The intention to strike an emotional or spiritual chord is evident in much of his landscape work, which is inspired by Rothko and Turner.

With over twenty years experience as a project-based photographer, his works are often conceived as a series, exhibited as a collective body or bought as single pieces. Tim lives in London and is represented by contemporary art galleries across Europe, South East Asia and the USA.