Hamlet by Christophe Jacrot
Hamlet by Christophe Jacrot

Hamlet by Christophe Jacrot

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Hamlet from the series Blizzard. 70cm x 105cm Archival Inkjet print. Edition  3/8, 60cm x 90cm Archival Inkjet print Edition of 10

This piece works well in a bright room with muted tones which will bring out the subtle reds, greens, and blues of the image.

The theme of this piece very much seems to be subtlety. With a composition that leaves you feeling as if you are peeking in on a quite rural settlement, and a colour scheme that feels profoundly sparse and yet starkly white at the same time. The architecture and colour of the buildings makes them seem almost like toys, giving the overall piece and almost dream-like quality that really draws the viewer in.