Dallas Car by Sam Hicks
Dallas Car by Sam Hicks

Dallas Car by Sam Hicks

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Dallas Car, 2010. 40” x 48”, Edition of 10 C-Type Diasec mounted Print

This image is great for a lover of classic american cars, but also an appreciator of urban landscapes, and its colours working well in a bright room with blue hints which will bring out the turquoise and navy blue of the image.

This piece by Hicks is unusual for an urban landscape as the buildings seem to drift into a shadowy haze watching over the real focus of the image, a beautfiul classic Lincoln. Even thought it's body is reflecting the almost turquoise colours of the street, it still manages to stick out to the viewer, with its presence making the image suddenly timeless.


About the Artist:

After studying fine art for a couple of years, Samuel Hicks went on to study photography at Berkshire School of Art for a further two years. Following his graduation, he began assisting photographers in London, mainly in advertising, before going on to assist one photographer for the next six years.

Since being out on his own as a photographer, Hicks has been fortunate enough to travel to places such as Argentina, the States, the Czech Republic, and many Caribbean Islands, working for clients such as O2, Land Rover, Lucozade, P&O, Smirnoff Ice, The Times, The Independent, Art World, ING, Lynx and Metropolitan Police. In the last few years, his personal projects have incorporated working on location in Sweden, Norway, and Ireland where he shot the New York State Circus.

The photograph of the Kendo Fighter smoking was a winner in the Lifestyle & Portraiture category of the Association of Photography Awards in 2004. Samuel’s work has featured in Creative Review’s annual photography showcases of the last few years. As well as exhibiting work at the London Photographic Awards, he was also selected for the Foto8 Summer Show in 2009 and had his first solo show at Crane Kalman Brighton in 2009.