Dahlia 11 by Philip Gatward
Dahlia 11 by Philip Gatward

Dahlia 11 by Philip Gatward

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Dahlia 10, 16" x 20", Archival Inkjet Print, edition of 50. 32" x 38", Archival Inkjet Print, edition of 10.

This stunning print by Philip Gatward sits well in any environment, whether contemporary or traditional.  

Eye-catching and bold, each dahlia reveals its unique personality through a dynamic display of structure, colour, and form. 

About the Artist:

For over 10 years Philip has been capturing the confidence and mood of business leaders in both the UK and Europe with his corporate photography. His experience shows in his work which is always efficient, always fresh, and sometimes award-winning.

Recent projects include Oxford Biomedical 'We believe' film (Client - ThinkerDoer) with director and special effects by Philip Gatward: "I'm really excited about the crossover of stills and moving imagery. Due to the technical difficulty in shooting in a totally sterile lab environment, I combined original moving footage with stills, subtly animated to get full use of this amazing location."