Blanco 7 by Rosa Basurto
Blanco 7 by Rosa Basurto

Blanco 7 by Rosa Basurto

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Blanco 7. 30cm x 30cm digital print on 50cm x 50cm cotton paper.

This image is best for someone with a passion for a wintry aesthetic and an appreciation of nature. It also works best in a room that complements the icy aesthetic of the piece

Basurto shows here a beautiful winter scene, which you feel bitterly cold just looking at but at the same time impressed by its raw aesthetic strength. In this image nature appears fiers and yet profoundly fragile at the same time, like it might shatter from the cold at any moment. This wall art uses a straightforward natural colour scheme but is able to bring so much more to it through composition and the tone of the piece.Just looking at it you feel like you're braving the elements.


About the Artist:

Rosa Basurto is a self-taught photographer from Spain who, within a short space of time, has become highly regarded for her original and uniquely stylized work. Originally a painter, and despite no formal photographic training, Basurto demonstrates a highly impressive command of different photographic techniques, producing images that are poetic in style and create an imaginary and dream-like world within a seemingly naturalistic landscape.

Although each image features realistic subjects, such as trees and birds in flight, the spaces they occupy within Basurto’s photographs create an alternative, intimate, almost mysterious atmosphere – a darker landscape of the imagination.

Basurto’s work has been exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions around Spain, Portugal and France. Her work has been widely recognised, receiving various awards including the Jury Prize for the “Historia de Invierno”, PhotoEspaña, 2010, 1st Prize for
the Bienal Internacional SICAFI, Argentina in 2008 and was also shortlisted for the Descubrimientos, PhotoEspaña in 2008 and the X Biennal Internacional AQÜEDUCTE, ‘European Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ in the ‘Landscapes’ category in 2007.

Recently, Basurto achieved 2nd Prize in the Landscapes and Seascapes Category at the 3rd Edition of The Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, here in the UK. She was also given an Honourable Mention at the “Curator’s Voice” APA SF + Carte Blanche Gallery “(Un) Familiar”
Awards in San Francisco.