Bay of Fires by Morgan Silk
Bay of Fires by Morgan Silk

Bay of Fires by Morgan Silk

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Bay of Fires 2015. 17” x 24”, Edition of 25, Archival Inkjet print


Here Morgan Silk presents a genuinely stunning landscape. Instead of urban landscapes, or alternative colour palettes, here he embraces raw natural beauty. The scene features a beautiful seascape in the distance paired with a dramatically lit sky, both setting up a foreground that somehow looks like snowy mountains and sandy beaches in the same shot. This piece really brings together a natural scene that stuns the viewer with an ensemble of beautiful features and colours.



Morgan Silk was born and raised in England's brewing capital of Burton-on-Trent and studied photography at Blackpool and Fylde College, graduating in '92 before moving to London, where he began retouching for some of London's top photographers and advertising agencies.

Ten years on, he made the decision to follow his heart and returned to photography, shooting personal work that would soon gain international exposure through London gallery shows and winning awards including a prestigious AOP Gold Award for his Zoo project.

It wasn't long before he embraced a new commercial career, traveling the world, shooting for leading clients and brands, while still maintaining his passion for fine art photography, digital post-production, and printmaking.

Morgan’s other interests include guitars and music technology, hydroponics, and all things fermentable. His first collaboration beer with Burton based DE14 Brewery, “Morgan Silk” NEIPA was proudly launched at Craft Beer Rising in London, 2018.