Apartment Nice by Chris Frazer Smith
Apartment Nice by Chris Frazer Smith

Apartment Nice by Chris Frazer Smith

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Apartments Nice, 40" x 53" C-Type Matt Print, edition of 25; 20" x 24" C-Type Matt Print, edition of 25.

This piece works well in an open space to contrast against the cramped subject matter full of details.

Chris Frazer Smith presents a scene with a very alien feel to it. The building ahead feel totally soulless despite its snaking patterns, and we cannot tell if it is an apartment building, office block, prison, or factory. The perspective also makes the road feel enormous in comparison to the scale of the building, giving the whole image a strangely surreal quality.


About the Artist:

Chris Frazer Smith is an acclaimed photographer whose work has taken him across the globe on behalf of a wide range of high-profile clients.

Chris's images capture life at home, work and play. His attention to narrative and detail are paramount and his strong sense of art direction allows him to work closely with creative teams from advertising agencies, publishers, record companies and design groups.

Chris has been recognised with numerous international awards from organisations including: The prestigious Lucie International Photographer of The Year Award, The Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, The BJP Portrait Of Britain, The Association of Photographers, Communication Arts, American Photography, The Portrait Salon, The British Photography Awards Portrait Prize, The British Journal of Photography, Campaign Magazine, Creative Review, The Masters Cup, Applied Arts, One Eyeland and Photo District News. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world including the National Portrait Gallery and The Royal Academy in London.